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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

'Staggerlee' & another ROA .44":

The song says that - in 1895 -  'Stagger Lee'  ("Stack"? or "Stag"? - flash dresser, pimp & bad man) - shot Billy Lyons between the eyes with his 44 .. but was then upset because he said that he'd aimed for the right eye.
The legend goes that Lee was robbing a coal mine - a card-game at the mine in St. Louis - but the true story seems more likely that 'Stagger Lee' Shelton shot Lyons because he took his Stetson hat during a saloon card game ! (a little bit - maybe!).
But, - then again - history records that 'Stagger' Lee Shelton was an organiser for the Democrats and that Billy Lyons was also an organiser .. for the Republicans - and was actually shot four times in the stomach. - There's even an argument over was 'Stagger Lee' black or white! - Blues singer Mississippi John Hurt claimed 'Stagger Lee' was a white man.
It's a great story anyway .. Ref:
Do you like country blues? 

The Ballad Of Stagger Lee.
He gets into the song soon(ish)

- So OK -  like the top photo shows - I've had a rush of blood to the head and I've bought another Ruger Old Army .44" - going to give this one the name "Stagolee" after bluesman Mississippi John Hurts great singing.

(Do people who give names to things like cars, guitars, guns, - have a problem? (" I need a friend"!)


Stagolee is a fixed sight 'Round-top'  7.5" S.S. ROA - and these are said to be rare models. Most fixed sight round-top guns were 5.5" barrels - built for cowboy action shooting (CAS).

 - For the same reason - the short adjustable sight 5.5" guns are said to be rare - as I read that only fixed-sights were approved for CAS competition.

You know - there are claims coming out of the backwoods that the Old Army is a good squirrel gun and will fill the pot - as it might just be the most accurate revolver around Tennessee.
"Gotta nice mess o' squirrel cookin while I pick on ma banjo - Whats dat squeelin back of de house?"

Great music .. Great guns those Rugers.

P.S.  A certain gun shop in S.I. has a Speer plastic box of a hundred .457" lead balls on the shelves priced at NZ$74. - I know that lead has become expensive but .. 74cents a shot not counting the cap and powder?

- You can see how some folk get rich eh!

Marty K.