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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Buying ex USA via 'YouShop' Pt 2:

The 'Skechers' have landed!

I am happy to report that NZ Posts forwarding address service 'YouShop' has done me proud and they delivered my new shoes in perfect condition from USA in a timely manner .. Top Marks.

We Live In the 'Packaging Age'

My only niggles would be .. 1/- so much packaging -it must have cost as much as the shoes.
         2/- My strong new footwear from US was (not unexpected!) Made in China

'YouShop' sent me 5 e-mails letting me know the progress across the Pacific , through Customs and down the islands to my mailing address - I'm guessing that the package was scanned at each step and an automated message activated.

That's only eleven days from ordering to delivery.
 - Hell, I've waited longer for stuff from local New Zealand retailers - in fact I'm still waiting for stuff ordered over three months ago from one dealer  - but I've actually given up on them totally and dismissed their business from my contact list.

I suppose the same sort of slack performance happens elsewhere - but there surely are a lot of people here who take the money that they are paid and don't do the job.

- Here's a story for you. I supplied 'a retailer' with stock (Glock items) many years ago and they wouldn't pay for them even after six months - so I went round and demanded the gear back from their display.. Fair enough eh - but then - a further six months down the line they paid me! - Wow they were smart.

Who says there's no justice?

- So now I'm considering just what else I need to buy from the 'land of the free' .. a gunsmiths screw-driver set? - some full-moon clips? - a fluffy toy?

Life is good,

Marty K.
Note: YouShop specifically refuses carriage of any firearms and firearms parts. - What their justification might be for rejecting completely lawful and safe goods from the mail system is unknown.