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Saturday, 12 September 2015

New Australian D.F. Rifle Thales F90 Video:

The Australian choice of the Thales F90 type weapons system is very interesting  - in the light of the New Zealand choice to go away from the Steyr AUG Bullpup type and adopt an AR15 pattern rifle.
Dare I mention that New Zealands Chosen AR15 /M4 model firearm is now a 50 year old design that has always been reputed to be a bit of a jammer when it gets dirty - caused by its 'Direct Impingement' design. - Rude folk call this operating system "Pooping where you eat".

The M16 commenced service with US Military in 1963 in Vietnam - and has undergone various improvements since then - including the manual 'forward assist' to push the action into battery when grubby.
M16 Forward Assist
No way am I qualified to question the Wellington Headquarters announcement that they are intent on ditching the Bullpup design - as I've never shot one.

Lewis Machine & Tool LMTCQB160DG Rifle
NZ Choice.
 - However it did seem to me that their main complaint about their old Steyrs was that their 1:1 sighting system and worn-out barrels made long range marksmanship difficult.
The Irish Government decided that they could update their Steyrs with new parts including better long range optics.
The Australians have adopted an improved version (Thales F 88 -90) of their current Steyrs with better optics etc.

Personally - I'd much prefer an AR15 type rifle for sporting purposes - but the compact bullpup design has a lot going for it in military combat situations.
Marty K.