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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Gunpowder From Pee & 'INEPTOCRACY' T etc:

I've just read a post on 'Active Response Training' that points-out that our brains can't really handle much more than THREE new things at once - so here goes .. (That was #1)

#2: Last Saturday I shot the first load of 6 balls from the fixed sight 7.5" Ruger Old Army and I'm very pleased - "rapt" even - that it shot them onto target very nicely into what is, for me, a tight group.

Considering that this is the used gun that had a bent, jammed base pin and has corrosion-pitting in the bore - it performs "extra good". - However the nipples (cones?) were found to be distorted and hard to cap so they'll be coming out of the cylinder  asap to be spun-up in a drill press and polished down to a taper fit with the #11 percussion caps.

#3: "Neville" e-mailed me this picture of a pithy T-Shirt message - and I have to agree that it somewhat  captures what our current Government is about:

 .. Yup!

I came across "Cody" on Youtube for the first time the other day - and his demos on making gunpowder - totally using 'found' natural raw materials is fun and worth knowing eh:

and Part2

- "Mad Scientist" - naah, very sane I'd say. Thanks Cody. - Oh was that 4 things?

Marty K.