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Sunday, 13 September 2015

UK Gun Laws On Review:

There are some thirty-four Acts of Law that govern the use (and misuse) of "firearms" in Britain - the main law is their Firearms Act 1968 but the rules were last updated in 2014.

The various regional Police Forces are known to differ considerably in how they interpret and enforce this confusing array of rules - and this leaves the defendants to argue their cause the best they can afford by paying for experts and lawyers.
Emotive Appeal.

The last Commonwealth Games held in Scotland lead to temporary exemptions and special security arrangements being made to permit the shooting sports to happen - outside of the then current rules.

Strange to report - but I have never heard what the crime figures looked like for that period when Scotland was awash with "banned" handguns, rifles & shotguns. - Surely the murder rate went sky-high eh.

There is to be a 'half day Conference' held next month organised by the UK Governments law reform advisors to see what if anything they can do "to improve" the restrictive and confused state of controlling law. There even seems to be disagreement over what actually is a firearm and what does 'lethal' mean!
Prof. David Ormerod QC.
This short conference is called by the Law Commission For England & Wales to discuss the "wide ranging consultation paper."
Be aware that what happens in the UK is often copied in New Zealand - as our 'democratic representatives' are not well known for having many original ideas of their own. - I recall that NZ gun law is up for parliamentary review currently anyway.
There sometimes seems to be a need to be seen doing something. (anything!)
Marty K.