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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

"Outrage" over Scientists Glocking Pigs:

Radio NZ National seemed to be excited to report today that some pigs had been shot - possibly because a Glock pistol was used..

A Crown agency is defending research in which scientists tied live pigs to a surgical table and shot them at close range with a Glock pistol

Were They All Called "Babe"?
(- this little piggy went to market ..)

The Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR) says the Otago University study was on blood-spatter patterns such as those found at crime scenes.

Animal rights group PETA is outraged that the scientists shot the anaesthetised pigs at point blank range as part of the research and said the methods used were violent, cruel and indefensible.
ESR spokesperson Stephen Corbett told Morning Report the five pigs had been anaesthetised by a vet, and were shot as humanely as possible.

Mr Corbett said the researchers acknowledged there were limitations to using live pigs, but they had tried other things like computer modelling and mannequins.
"Good robust research underpins justice systems about the world, so as a result of the experiment we are a long way further down the knowledge path than we were."

Mr Corbett said the use of the pigs was the best solution, but was not perfect, and the organisation does not plan to do it again.

Ah, 'PETA'  - maybe they'd have been happier if the "violent point blank" shooting range had been extended to 25 or 50 metres?

- I wonder were the pork chops from anaesthetised piggies grilled for dinner - or did they have to cremate them? - Now that would be something to complain about.

Marty K.