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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Cast Balls .457":

I had become a little nervous lately about finding supplies of .457" balls for the black-powder Ruger Old Army - they are not widely available - you can't expect every gun shop to carry a wide range of low demand muzzle-loading gear .. and if their stocked .457" balls are 74 cents each I will have to start shooting dried peas or rice balls.

I was beginning to think that I might need to invest in a Lee production pot and a mould to cast my own - but then 'Cutters' e-mailed me a link to a New Zealand producer and it's looking good.

Some Good Kiwi Stuff.

Logan Ruddell of SPALL-CO came-up with the goods at the right price - and the cast balls measured  .457" plus - not being perfectly round in every direction as cast - and the surface marked readily when tested with the old thumb nail test for softness / purity.

They are located in Hikuragi - up North where they don't get our frosts or snow.  Ph.(64) 021 585757   e-mail:

- Worth a look at what they've got for shooters ..

Marty K.