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Friday, 18 September 2015

Night Firing Ruger Old Army Photo:

Such a brilliant (literally!) photograph that I had to post it ..

Ruger Old Army - "great balls o' fire!"

Picture 'posted' by 'THE DON' on the ROA Club site - Great Shot eh.
- Here's one of my amateur attempts at an action shot:
 All I can say is "that it ain't easy!"
-too early - too late!
Mind you - my Olympus camera when set on 'P-auto' - goes "click .. oh, you want to take an action shot do you - OK - clack."  - too late.
Years back I was trying to catch a photo of local arab fishermens net full of glistening sardines as it was being lifted by the breakers - while they were unloading their catch onto a beach in Oman  - After clicking about a dozen times I just gave up!
- It always amuses me to find blobs of grease that have also made their way to the target area. Black powder shooting can be a grubby business. - I guess that I'm easily pleased eh.
Life is good,
Marty K.