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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Glock Cutaway Video - Great!:

Here's a superb to-the-point look at a rare cutaway training model Glock G17.

You can't beat actually seeing exactly how the different bits work - even though you already know the story and how the system operates.

- There are very good reasons why the Glocks are so popular and successful (and why many other makers have followed with their own version of a Glock).

 - The short answer is that they work.

We've all got our own beliefs and bias's (yes- even me - would you believe! ;-)) - but for you "seekers of truth" there is a worthwhile tale on The Firearm Blog called "Handgun Experiences from 'Battlefield' Las Vegas" - where 'Ron' tells it how it is - in his experience of millions of rounds fired on range from hundreds of guns.

When I was the New Zealand Factory Dealer I'd throw my (unloaded) G17 onto the concrete floor and hit it over & over with a sledge hammer - then insert a loaded magazine and empty it down range - then asking any S&W and Colt owner to give me their gun to try it - Funny enough but I never did get any takers.

I find it fascinating that the Battlefield Range also speaks well of their Advantage Arms .22" rim-fire calibre conversions for the Glock. - Mine certainly has worked (and continues to work) pretty well - provided I use decent ammo.
Advantage Arms Plus a Glock17 = Affordable Fun.
- Buy one.

- Every time that I use my "converted" Glock in .22" RF I have to wonder WHY the Austrian factory refuse to bring-out their own rim-fire model.  - I  do understand the problems with USA Legislation and the 'points requirement' for importation - but they might well consider that every practical problem has a practical solution.

I (for one) could suggest a way to easily achieve the needed US points for a small calibre polymer handgun.

Marty K.