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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Ruger Base Pin Welded and Repaired:

When the bent & jammed (as bought used from an AKL Branch Dealer)  ROA 'Base Pin' snapped while I was trying to straighten it - a big gloomy cloud settled overhead .. but then Rod e-mailed saying that it would be an easy repair for a skilled TIG welder and I cheered-up considerable.

I Googled  "NZ Canterbury TIG welder" and found Eagle Engineering near Amberly - so off  I raced in the Honda and the kind gentleman stopped what he was doing and set-up the broken parts nicely aligned in a V angle before quietly 'gluing' them back together. -Brilliant:

They undertake all sorts of welding and machining / fabrication (and are also pretty good now at firearms work!)

The Welded and 'fettled' ROA Base Pin is closest to the Rule.

It took me less than an hour at home to file and smooth the weld to fit the revolvers frame - All done and re-assembled - and now I can take a photo like this one below ..

Yes - There are three 'Old Armys' in my Safe now!

I'm seriously planning to have one of them converted to a 'shorty' with a 5.5" barrel that will be at home in the Bianchi holster .. we'll see.

Right now I'm a lot happier eh,

Marty K.