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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Is an Advanced Gun Oil 'Canola" cooking Oil?

I've seen several on-line claims that one "Advanced Gun Oil" is little more than the same cooking oil that you'll have at home.
If you poke about on-line you'll certainly find some warnings and claims that this expensive gun-oil is actually little more than canola cooking oil.

Some 'experts' have tested 'FireClean' - advertised as an "Advanced Gun Oil Lubricant Cleaner" ..
- and are saying that it appears to perform exactly as canola vegetable oil does.
 - 'Canola' oil is another name for 'rapeseed oil'.
That is not to say that it doesn't work as advertised - but that the average working shooter might save his cash - and instead use the straight 'good-oil" that can be found in food supermarkets or your home kitchen shelves.
Even the FireClean makers patent application is said to clearly state that it comprises three types of vegetable oils.
Take a look on-line if you enjoy a good exposure discussion.
Seems to confirm that you need to have eyes up your exhaust pipe when dealing with corporate advertising eh. -
So "gun-oil" might be "canola oil" - and "canola oil" might be "rapeseed oil" and .. they definitely want your money.
Note: If you are cooking or eating it - be aware that both canola (rapeseed) and olive oil are high calorie fat.
Marty K.