Friday, 31 January 2020

'CUNNINGHAM Speed Strips' For Revolvers:

Bianchi International & others make excellent functional speed strips .. for quick(ish) reloads when revolver shooting - an alternative to bulky spring-loaded poky-twisty  'speed loaders'.
No question but that they work fine ..

- My first reservation is that if you wanted to buy some strips for use in local target competition they will cost considerably more than just your cash here in NZ .. they will also try your patience and persistence .. as you likely will be required to first apply for an IMPORT PERMIT from your friendly local police firearms office 

 .. which permit may well then be refused by Police HQ on the grounds that you used the wrong colour ink or that somebody else in the country has already imported some or that you haven't stated clearly & EXACTLY (range, date, time, weather-forecast, qualification certificate # of the Range Officer etc etc & which Pistol NZ  listed competition you intend to use them in) or .. any other excuse the National Firearms Office can dream-up to refuse your application ..

The "doozy" example of this was when a senior ranking officer at Police HQ F.O last year refused a Keltec PMR 30 pistol entry to New Zealand on the grounds that it was a Prohibited Weapon - claiming that the pistol was a CARBINE !

Hey-Ho .. back to speed loader strips. - Here is a clever idea that originates with revolver guru Grant Cunningham via Jim Downey  of BALLISTICS BY THE INCH - and posted on Facebook by Greg Ellifritz of ACTIVE RESPONSE TRAINING.

MAKE YOUR OWN ..: Link ..

I don't need to explain further as excellent instructions and images are linked above : - These do work.
.. Just a tiny observation .. "vinyl" used to describe flexible materials may cover various  polymer types other than polyvinyl-chloride. - I cut strips from a microwave 'splatter cover' - & I'm also trying rubber strips cut from a particularly filthy & spider infested old car inner-tube that I gleaned from a corner of my auto-mechanic's workshop 😅.

- As sure a eggs is eggs we need to practice using these - if you point your revolver's muzzle to the sky (like I did) when peeling the speed strips .. the loaded rounds will smoothly slide back out from the chambers and drop straight into your hands.

Have fun - as Life is Good .. Increasingly I anticipate that kiwis will need to "do our own thing" in the face of dumb impediment & obstruction to importing shooting related materials from the bully-boys-in-blue of both police and border protection. - Get used to using locally produced ammunition and equipment .. think about reloading and bullet casting.

Marty K.

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  1. Hi Marty

    There is no permit requirement to import speed strips, speed loaders, or other similar shooting accessories. They are not a part of a firearm, and are in the same category as a shotgun ammo belt or a plastic ammo box, ie; completely unrestricted.
    - Yeah That is correct Rod - but I've been made to apply for an import P for after market revolver grips when other folk just get them so ...