Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Sentence for Theft of Two Police Glocks?

Twenty-one new District Court judges have been appointed 21st January 2020 - ten of them Maori .. and others are said to be female & from "diverse backgrounds" - these new judges raise the number available for hearing trials to 172 .. What about some new prison capacity too?

On August 17, Hori Gemmell, 24, appeared in the Invercargill District Court facing two charges of reckless driving in Gore, two charges of theft, two charges of unlawful possession of a pistol, - unlawful possession of ammunition, - one charge of unlawfully taking a motor vehicle three days earlier plus a 'breach of release condition' ..  

He was meant to be sentenced early January at Invercargill District Court - Have you heard anything?

.. Have police done a deal and employed this crim as a FIREARMS OFFICER because he now knows more about Glocks than they do?

Gemmell was discovered 😏 August 16 in a wardrobe under a pile of clothes at a Te Tipua house & he pleaded guilty to the charges by video link 19 November. - Reportedly he had sold one of the pistols to a friend for $1,500.
This 24 y.o. repeat offender had done a runner when spotted by police and rammed two patrol cars .. officers had abandoned the first car to give chase .. leaving it with the keys and guns in - our runner circled back and drove off with those keys that he then used to unlock the gun box and steal the two Glock G17 9mm pistols .. both of which were eventually recovered.

I feel that if police are issued with arms they should retain safe control of them at all times .. as if they were Firearms Licence holders ? 
Pistols such as the Glocks can normally be safely and securely retained in holsters until required for use against a target.

Marty K.

Thanks for joining Sporting Shooter Association of New Zealand ..

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