Tuesday, 17 November 2020

UK Police Caused 96 Hillsborough Deaths .. NZ Al Noor Mosque?

 15 March 2019 will long be remembered as the day Australian BRENTON TARRANT repeatedly pulled the trigger on the innocent worshippers in two Christchurch Mosques.

Recent arrival TARRANT was quickly granted his New Zealand Firearms License by NZ Police authorities without proper checks, diligence or interviews - and they then gave him written permits to buy a huge quantity of rifle ammunition by mail.

Police Licensing procedures had been much altered & curtailed following funding re-allocations - and the well tried Mountain Safety Instructor system had been withdrawn before July 2018.

NZ Police has long boasted it is founded on U K Policing structures & traditions .. and senior Police Management strongly claimed that TARRANT'S killings resulted from there being too many loosely controlled guns in the country. - It is interesting to record that the Police Commissioner together with his Senior Managers from that time - plus the Minister of Police Stuart Nash have all moved-on from the roles they held when Australian killer TARRANT was given his Licence and the Permits that let him commit his awful atrocity.

I hope that one British tradition our NZ Police will not hold close is the U K Police proven habit of shifting blame for their own failings and negligence onto innocent bystanders. The terrible loss of 96 lives & 766 injuries at Liverpool's Hillsborough Football Stadium in 1989 was blamed by them on  "hooliganism & the actions of drunken fans".

 - It took more than 27 years for those British subjects to obtain justice from repeated police cover-up lies accusing the fans of degrading offences ... and for proper charges to be enforced upon UK Police Management.

I am also fairly hopeful that our Government announcement of a Commerce Commission Inquiry into "GROCERY PRICES" in our city supermarkets will not divert voters minds from the release of the ROYAL COMMISSION OF INQUIRY report into 'The MOSQUE MASSACRES' - and to what degree were there failings by Police and Government Security Organisations.

Because of TARRANT'S late GUILTY Plea there was no trial or public examination of the events.

There have been several criminal shootings up in Northland in recent weeks that are being blamed on illegal "GUNS & DRUGS" with calls for ever more "gun control". - As far as I know .. the drugs at issue are all ready 'CONTROLLED DRUGS' and NZ Firearms law could not now be more complex, confusing or useless for controlling drug pushers and Gang violence. 

 - Predictably police union leader Cahill is calling for GUN REGISTRATION .. but the new MINISTER FOR POLICE Potu Williams doesn't seem too optimistic. (- What might work would be employment and housing and a decent future life prospect for whanau) .. What a waste of space that Cahill is.

Police need increased funding and resources - while their management must transfer it's attention from licensed FIT & PROPER shooters and start to arrest and imprison criminal parasites.

- If the cells are already full in our part-privatised overcrowded prison system - THEN START BUILDING MORE PRISONS.

- Under current firearms law - Front line NZ Police staff should be required to obtain firearms licences endorsed for 'P'  'E' and 'B' class arms.

Marty K.

"For clarity, the report will not be publicly released by the Royal Commission on 26 November 2020, it is for the Government to decide how and when to release the Royal Commission’s report."

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