Thursday, 5 November 2020

KIWI SENSE (or The Naked Truth)

PR or Public Relations is so widespread and 'normal' that even public broadcasting services run pointless advertising for ten minutes in every hour - boosting their own programs.

Right now New Zealand has great mana for our smart Leader Jacinda and the way that our "Team of 5 Million" dealt with COVID 19 .. we do seem to be a decent sort of place to live when compared to loony-tunes-UK and Trumps America .

- But the reality of NZ looks more like the image of activist Tama Iti blasting a flag in protest .. rather than an All-Blacks Haka ..

Record Says That Flag Was Actually AUSTRALIAN - Not NZ - A Smart Feller That Tama.

Of course that also shows it's the accepted IMAGE that matters in our world - not the facts.
- PR avows that it's the SIZZLE that counts - Not the steak ..

My self-image is a little conflicted too .. as I was UK born of an Irish father - and I'm proud now to be a Kiwi - I'd be honoured if I could have had Maori ancestors.

Starting year 2022 NEW ZEALAND HISTORY will for the first time be taught in school National Curriculum here. This has caused a new debate as to what will be taught ... I thought that a factual record of what actually happened might answer that question - but PR matters are again trying to creep into the story books.
NZ Armed Constabulary Wore Simple Maori Style Blanket In Wet Bush Country:

- This raises the idea that teaching is not about imparting facts anymore - but rather it is about "giving students the means to learn". 
- Unfortunately this opens wide the doors to 'multi-media' 'social-media' 'alternative fact' and OPINION filling vacant cerebrial space that's not been lined with taught FACT.

School Kids have got used to having a choice of what to believe instead of facts.

This explains why anti-gun opinions seem to over-ride firearms facts - leading to stupid prohibitions and 'Buy-Backs' with hundreds of pages of amendments to law.

Will this much admired land shamefully end-up with a Pakeha History and a Maori History to choose - rather than a factual historic record?
A 1900 Land Court.

Marty K.

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