Sunday, 1 November 2020

'FATCAP.22' Fixes Issues With .22" Rim-Fire:

OK  .22" rimfire is great because it's small and cheap and it is easy to shoot but ...

Full  versus  HEELED

The .22" Long Rifle rim-fire cartridge can be problematic in a box magazine fed auto because it is NOT RIMLESS - and it has another problem in that it is greasy externally lubricated due to it being a heeled or stepped bullet.

- So why can't we just combine the features that we WANT into one cheap'n'easy round that is rimless - while primed & ignited without a separate centerfire primer .. like this brilliant concept:

THAT Will Fill Your DOUBLE-STACKED MAGS Right To The Brim

Ah but" I hear you say ".. that unsupported rim won't be pinched or crushed properly by the firing pin" -

but I reply Oh yes it will because you shove a nice solid EXTRACTOR into the groove right in front of where the striker impinges that will serve as the anvil to crush-ignite the priming.
.. Problem solved with a nice cheap rimless two-two that's made using similar tech to the current rim-fire Long Rifle 22"s.

Genius ain't it - maybe?

Marty K.

P.S,  I don't know why makers offer .22" round-nose solid bullets for Match or target shooting - when according to Wikipedia .. " In target shooting, they(hollow-point) are used for greater accuracy due to the larger meplat. Hollow point bullets are more accurate and predictable compared to pointed bullets which, despite having a higher ballistic coefficient (BC), are more sensitive to bullet harmonic characteristics and wind deflection."\




  1. I really do believe in "if it aint broke, don't fix it". I have never had an issue with .22RF in a box magazine in over 60 years of shooting them.
    This is a solution looking for a problem.

    1. I woulkd add to that that I have NEVER had a "rim jam" with a .303 either...... it's a myth.

    2. Hi Kathryn - I accept that you never experienced any issues with rimmed rounds .. but there are good reasons that RIMLESS cartridges were developed for semi-autos and I find it interesting that a analytic look at the old 'two-two' suggests that it's issues don't have to be ignored for ever as an unavoidable PART OF LIFE eh ... Cheers & thanks for taking an interest.