Monday, 9 November 2020

NZ GUN LAW (& Aguila .22" Ammo):

 I know that I said I didn't get my Glock G44 to test rim-fire ammo - but I made an unplanned gun shop visit to GUN CITY SOCKBURN and while there bought a few packs of hotter .22"  loads just to try on range.

Aguila .22 HP Super Extra Hollow Point 38 Grains 1280 fps ..

Aguila .22 Supermaximum 30 Grains  1,700 fps

Aguila .22 Interceptor  40 Grains  'High Velocity'

- All three are copper-plated and higher priced than the Mexican lead solid points previously tried.


I was in Christchurch to get a police "Mail Order Form" as now needed to remote buy ANYTHING from a firearms dealer. This paperwork plus internet system means that if you want to buy something without going there ... I had to make a two & a half hour drive to the HQ Firearms Office to get a form, - sign it and hand it over with blank spaces for them to e-mail permission to the dealer .. for him to send the item to a freight depot that will entail another similar but longer car trip to collect it.

I have to spend more than FIVE HOURS driving in & out of Christchurch to comply with the latest NZ anti-gun legislation in order to buy a "non-firearm - non-ammunition" ANTIQUE from a Wellington auction.

That NONSENSE is grossly corrupt and punitive regulation that can only serve as a disincentive to all FIT AND PROPER Licensed Firearms Owners bothering to comply with New Zealand law.

My local Police base/station/office is UNMANNED and unavailable except by prior appointment.

When I approached the Christchurch HQ Firearms Office it's counter was manned by a VOLUNTEER who was preparing letters to mail-out to 100s of BURGLARY VICTIMS.

He (No.1, Counter Volunteer) called a clerical staff member to the counter who did not know what to do regarding my "mail order compliance request" - so he (No.2) called another member of staff (No.3) who got me the needed firearms form. This form requests dealer & buyer license details plus two pages of 'boxes' that I wrote N/A into before signing. As the police person (unnamed No.4) who knows the regulations was unavailable (on a break) we suggested to the Firearms Office (No.2 staff member) that they photo-copy the Auction Catalogue Lot entry & attach it to my Mail Order Application Form as supplementary supporting data to progress a 'Permit' to be transmitted to the remote Licensed Dealer-Auctioneer in Wellington .. authorising him to transfer the package to a carrier-courier who accepts firearms movement.

My understanding of (part of) these new regulations is that my 'Firearms Dealer-Auctioneer' may not send this antique to my home location - but is required to only courier it to another approved dealer or Freight Depot.

Non-Functional ANTIQUE PEPPER-BOX Muzzle-Loader Black-Powder

- It seems also that the Courier's 'approved dealer' is only 'Authorised' to handle 'A' Category firearms so would be unable to accept any other category such as 'B' 'C' 'E' or 'P' items needing to be transferred.

Try to Rest peacefully in your homes - as the Nation is NOT in good hands ..

I think the time has come to publicly state that there is a section of the population that needs to LISTEN rather than to TALK.

Marty K.


  1. *sigh*
    Why does this not surprise me?
    If you have authority to possess a firearm, it would be reasonable to be allowed to receive it (signature/ID required).
    Our respected law-makers are way too fresh out of Uni. Or way too uninterested in practical advice. Or way too keen on making life unworkable for 'those ghastly gun people".
    Or all of the above.

  2. I don't see any chance of things improving in the near future, getting a courier to accept moving a firearms near impossible.

    1. Yeah I find that to be so currently.
      There is "Acceptance' or 'Resistance'. We CAN do something about it if we unite ... 250,000 of us is a decent lobby.