Monday, 16 November 2020

Prohands GRIPMASTER goes 'TACTICAL' - & Gun Control:

- According to the stats .. there are 1.825 Billion BIC lighters sold every year - isn't that interesting - I wonder if there is a Tactical model?  - I generally laugh when the marketing bullshitters try to persuade shoppers that their product is exactly what they need because it's TACTICAL ......

Coyote Tan Tactical baseball cap ..

I use my non-tactical  Gripmaster  whenever I think of it - to help strengthen my handgun shooting grip and reduce "flip-up". - I think it works .. but there is no way to compare my current hand power with how it would have been if I didn't squeeze the springs now & then.

The issue is that most trigger pull weight exceeds the mass of most handguns - excepting 'hair-trigger' tuned target firearms - making it difficult for ordinary peasants like me to shoot accurately.

GRIPMASTER Are Not That Expensive

The latest development from GRIPmaster is that they have added a TACTICAL Laser Pointer to their 'Pro Model' that will really upset you by jumping and flashing all over the room to tell you just how bad your aim is while you try to squeeze & hold it steady .. 
- Of course it costs twice as much as the basic units ... but if it helps improve your accuracy & safety when shooting it will prove invaluable.

Link to their website:

I reckon that having a wee bit of muscle strength in my fingers-hands helps me NOT to worry about Glock's mushy spongy trigger feel - and you might scoff at this ... but I actually prefer to shoot my Ruger revolvers DOUBLE ACTION ..
- I feel it's very important to have grips on your pistols that fit your hand size and best trigger reach - to suite your fat /thin short /long pinkies.
Hand TOO Small For Grip
- To watch how badly a wee two-two can jump about when you "limp wrist" & don't hold it properly  (from 6-7 minutes in) with thumbs crossed behind the slide and repeatedly placing a hand in front of the gun's muzzle - watch this linked video ... but what is truly concerning is that some 250 odd people have commented favourably about this nice guy's video ... welcome to "the real world". - I'd bet that if the test-shooter mounted his gun with a proper stable platform by firmly gripping it - his failure-to-fire rate might well change.

.. I've found that the o/e grips on Ruger revolvers don't suite my hand shape so I fit HOGUES rubber stocks - and the large back straps that Glock provides do the job for me on their service pistols ... but I'm not sure how folk with small but beefy hands can improve their lot.

Marty K.

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