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Thursday, 30 October 2014

'Survival' Gear & Copper Anti-bacterial Surfaces:

Hands up all of you who keep a Bic lighter or similar on you always - if you're a smoker you only collect half a point.

I keep a 'fire-steel' attached to a French Opinel folding pocket knife - I've 'always' carried a small 'pen-knife' ever since I got hairy knees - just in case - as they are so useful for multiple functions. - about the only times that I am without are when I'm in bed - or when flying commercially. I guess a decent 'multi-tool' might be better.

If you live in UK I think that you'll have to ensure that any knife blade is less than half an inch long and is made of rubber.

 - No, actually - you are allowed up to a 3 inch folder as long as you're over 18 and it doesn't 'lock' open and isn't on the 'banned list' - that might cost you a 5,000 pound fine!

- No Dear it's not a 'Case' knife - it's an Opinel - Yes I know I said "just in case - but...."

So the Opinel would be banned in UK for being too big and for having the 'ring-lock'
- I think that the whistle is allowed.

 - The fire-steel hasn't been used at all yet as I've not needed it - but it's there. - I like this video about a different way of building a camp fire by using a quartered dry log - a neat system.

This kind of fire is called a 'Swedish Fire Torch' or a 'Canadian Candle'
- that's not like Ray Mears to use a box of matches!!

I guess fire making and generally setting-up camp are excellent reasons for also carrying an axe when in the back-blocks - but not in the supermarket car-park eh. (nor in UK).

The good old kiwi Thermette water heaters are also a grand idea to have in your vehicle. - They can be bought on-line easily and make having a brew-up quick when fired-up with dry kindling.

My 'Thermettes'

- Go for copper (and copper-alloy) if you have choice in what containers you get - as it is anti-bacterial - whereas other metals aren't. - Many hospitals are retro-fitting copper push-plates and 'touch surfaces' because they reduce disease spread.

Marty K.