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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Taurus 'VIEW' Revolver And some Spetsnaz Pistols:

I thought that I was dreaming when I first saw a photo of the Taurus 85 'View':

The see-through side panel is made of polycarbonate and permits an interesting clear view of the guns action being cycled. - Polycarbonate is a very tough polymer - it's often used as layers in bullet-proof glass - and should prove to be as scratch resistant as any metal gun finish.

You'll be able to see when it needs cleaning - if you can bear to put many rounds through it!

The "View" is a five shot snubbie in .38 Special that weighs only 9 ounces. - This gun may be great for carrying - but will no doubt be an absolute pig to shoot, as it's aluminium light-weight small frame and short 1.41 inch barrel make very obvious.
 - They seem to be 'aiming' this novelty at women shooters - as it comes in a couple of pretty colours for "the little woman" - while ignoring the fact that any lightweight gun (even when painted pink) is the most unfriendly tool you might gift to a 'significant other' unless you really want to put her off of guns and shooting permanently!
I'd bet good money that the "View" roars like a tiger, kicks like a mule, and spits flames out of the muzzle like a drag-racer on shut-down. - Not likely a problem here in New Zealand as any pistol licenced for sport shooting here has to have a barrel over 4 inches minimum length.
-Not at all like these silenced Russian pistols two of which are built to use captive-piston rounds.
Another picture of Russian special weapons.
"From quiet to silent: Soviet Spetsnaz pistols L to R: 9x18 PB integrally suppressed pistol, 7.62x63 S4M Silent pistol firing PZAM gas-seal ammo, and 7.62x35 MSP silent pistol, firing SP3 silent gas-seal ammo.

- There are plenty of youtube clips on the Russian guns - but don't you wish they'd learn to speak English?!

Marty K