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Monday, 27 October 2014

More About Unarmed Police v Attackers:

This is almost a "Part 4" relating to the 'armed police' debate here in New Zealand. - this is being linked by our media to the Canadian jihadist attack on their Parliament.

What they are not clearly explaining are the following facts:

#  The murdered soldier guarding the Memorial - was a reservist part-timer on ceremonial guard duties who was carrying an unloaded rifle.

#  The jihadist killer was a 'crack' addict criminal twice convicted and banned from gun ownership by law who used a Winchester lever-action 30-30 rifle.

A Winchester 30-30 Calibre Carbine.

#  When the killer entered the parliament building he was tackled and held by an unarmed guard (Samearn Son) who managed to push the rifle down towards the floor but was then shot in the foot.

#  Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers had to retrieve his S&W 9mm pistol from a 'lock box' when he heard the attack - before firing all fifteen shots it held, hitting the killer five times - and ending the attack.
A 9mm S&W s/a Pistol

- It is fortunate that circumstances permitted the Sergeant.-at-Arms to reach the lock-box and arm himself in time to prevent further loss of life.

 Guns kept in a locked security box fixed inside a closed patrol car trunk - clearly demonstrates that someone in authority does not currently trust sworn NZ police officers to be armed - perhaps this 'authority' is aware of, - or responsible for the less than comprehensive firearms training that they receive.

Marty K.