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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Ballistic Gel - Ebola - 158gn Sub-Sonic 9mm:

It is a good 'long weekend' with Monday (Labour Day) being a public holiday here in New Zealand - celebrating the fight for - and gaining of a standard eight hour working day. - Carpenter Samuel Parnell won the right to an eight hour working day back in 1840.

- On the Friday we heard from the CEO of Fonterra - Theo Spierings - publicly voicing his humanitarian corporate concerns for the African victims of the Ebola epidemic:

 - Actually - he expressed his strong concern that this disease might result in the loss of Fonterra exports to that continent to the extent of NZ$150 million - and that they might have to develop alternative sales elsewhere. (Fonterra is a large dairy/milk powder industrial exporter here).

It's good to know that the human face of capitalism is proudly alive here in Gods-own Country.


Saturday up in the hills - was a fine sunny day and my relaxing weeding session in my veggie garden was soothed by a local having fun 'walking-about' in nearby farmland with a shotgun. - I truly enjoy that flat 12 gauge sound of a fellow shooter peacefully exercising in the sun and loosing-off a box of cartridges - but I am aware that there may be some local householders who might nervously frown at that sound.

- Sunday was a good day at the Pistol Club range. There was a good turn-out of members and several guests. One group had developed and cast some ballistic gel into a block and were filming / photographing the action - I hope to post that story and video soon.

Our 'cook' assured us that his Gel was completely edible and "albatross flavoured".

I had loaded some 9mm rounds using 158gn .357Magnum pills with a range of powder charges - to see if they might yield a workable subsonic load to use in my Just Right Carbine (- when I get it back from Auckland.)

Plated Pills.

I loaded the heavy-weights starting with 3gns of AP70N in batches up to 4.00gns of powder - but was surprised to find that all the samples (3.2gn, 3.4gn, and 3.7gn) worked fine - cycling my Glock 17 and passed through the barrel of my "DeLisle 9mm" rifle beautifully sub-sonic. - I didn't try the 4.1gn loadings as the 3.7gns worked the Glocks action solidly, so I'll be un-loading ('pulling') those stronger 4.1gn samples without firing them.
"DeLisle" 9mm Bolt-Action.

The fired cases from both the Glock and the 'DeLisle' showed no pressure signs and the shots through the bolt-action sounded similar to an air-rifle. - Good result.

I had 'down-sized' the .358" diameter 158gn plated bullets through a die, to .357" and I'm well satisfied with the promise of resulting loads. - I'll probably settle on the 3.4 - 3.7gn powder charge as a 'standard' sub-sonic load - depending on accuracy results.

- I have only found one commercially loaded make of 9mm using a 158gn pill.

I also had a happy time shooting the Ruger SP101 .22 Revolver for about 15 minutes while trying to centre the sights on target - before I realised that I was turning the lateral adjusting screw the wrong way! - I made much quicker progress there once I got it right.

.357 Ruger standing staunch next to 8 shot .22" cal.

- Holiday Monday dawned cool, grey, and wet - Heyho - it can't be great all the time eh.,

Marty K.