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Friday, 24 October 2014

NZ Police Force IS An 'ARMED FORCE':

When Governor Hobson landed in New Zealand in 1840 - Police Magistrates used their power to appoint men to act as police.

In 1846 an ordnance for the establishment and maintenance of a Constabulary Force was passed - describing it as:

 " A sufficient number of fit and able men who would serve as an 'armed force' for preserving the peace and preventing robberies and other felonies and apprehending offenders against the peace."

Our current establishment of Government representatives and the Commissioner of Police seem to choose an alternative version of historical fact - by claiming that The New Zealand Police has traditionally been an unarmed force - and that to permit their need to be armed would be an undesired change in their status.

Armed Constabulary Badge.
I am aware that there was in 1867 the formation of a further Armed Constabulary to contain violent uprisings of a more military nature, in the land wars - this was reduced in numbers to 776 men by 1870 - while continuing as an armed police force also engaged in road and bridge construction.
It seems to be the "official" management view that our police always have been "generally unarmed".
- This suggests to me that our policies are being held in custody by the limp-wristed & soft grip of a clamorous 'politically-correct' minority.
Marty K.