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Friday, 23 March 2018

This Gas-Powered Gun Is A "Real Tack Driver":

How does a 42 / 52 round magazine gun weighing 3.7 kg. that can drive 3.3 inch long projectiles to fully penetrate hard timber impress you?

 - With a gas powered cyclic rate of three (0.131 in. caliber) rounds per second from it's stainless steel magazine raceway .. and tested as fully functional down to -10 degrees Celsius - this nail launcher is fully portable & is fitted with an advanced specification Lithium-ion ignition battery that's good for  1250 rounds (- up to 9,000?).

- No License required. (unlike 'powder activated' "Ramset type" guns)(Certificate Of Competence).

Impressive eh?  These cost about the same as a 'B' Category restricted (FLC endorsement-needed) sporting handgun - but come without the restrictions - you can use them anywhere. - there may be a reason for that eh.😁 - I came across one of these at home when having a new bathroom update - well to be accurate .. a new shower room as I've removed the bath.

Just what velocity will these gas fueled guns achieve with a three and a half inch nail? - well the 'powder driven' guns have been used to send air-gun pellets down range at around 2,800 feet per second!

"Nail guns can be pneumatically driven by an air compressor or battery-powered and cordless. Cordless nail guns have a replaceable gas cartridge filled with butane, a flammable gas. An electrical current from the battery powers a spark plug, which causes a small explosion in a combustion chamber that ignites the gas. The explosion powers the piston, which releases the nail and drives it forward and into the material being fastened. Gas pressure gives consistent nail drive and speed at low velocity."

Ballistics for a 3.5" nail are unknown but nails are likely to tumble down-range after a short distance and may sometimes bounce back from a cardboard target.

.. The powder activated ("blanks") nail-guns are a whole different product.

Marty K.