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Thursday, 29 January 2015

New Mags for Glocks and ..:

News from the 'land of the free' is two makers now offering new aftermarket magazines to fit GlocksMagpul have a line, and now 'Elite Tactical Systems'  ETS is offering clear polymer magazines in different capacities.

- coming in April these mags are thought to be priced at around US$20 and will be interesting ..

- Being aware that Glock quickly changed from all polymer to using a folded steel shell inside their magazines makes me question if these new ETS items might not swell and hang-up in the mag-wells - it will depend on the choice of plastic and wall thickness of-course. - How well will those polymer feed lips last?

ETS Clear Magazine looks Useful.
Warning - Warning: Don't even think about leaving these clear loaded magazines laying in full sunshine! - The temperature of the cartridges would rapidly rise to very dangerous levels. That loaded mag. pictured  above could be the model for a solar collector !

Also new to me is Tru-Glo TFX after market sights that combine Fibre-optic 'glow in the sun' sight optics with Tritium 'glow in the dark' inserts and a white outline too.
Looking great in the photos - but maybe they "costalotta"?
 Also recent news for me is the Russians announced they will be taking delivery of 70,000 AK12 rifles in 2015. This order will greatly help Kalashnikov Concern to keep-on working - and the AK12s are considered to be much improved with better ergonomics, better recoil characteristics, - and can use western style optics and add-on bling.
AK12 for 2015.
- I'd been thinking that the AK12 was the shotgun version - not an updated model in various chamberings (durrrrrrr)
Marty K.