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Saturday, 31 January 2015

US Shot Show News from 'All Outdoor':

You really should click subscribe to get 'All Outdoor's regular e-mail reports/reviews. Somebody there does a very thorough job of selecting interesting shooting news and presenting it with short video clips. I certainly reckon that they deserve a pat on the back for a well-done job.

- My latest e-mail from them had news of the new Sig Sauer P220 10MM Auto pistol that comes in both DA/SA and SA Only versions. To me it looks like an old fashioned piece related to 1911s and Browning Hi-Powers in style - and is handicapped with magazines that take only 8 rounds.

Sigs are sound, reliable, accurate weapons (and expensive!) - but only eight rounds in this day and age? - I know that 8 rounds of full power 10MM ammo should be enough to solve most problems and this flat shooting calibre is suitable for hunting as well as social use.

This same 'edition' from "All Outdoors" also has a piece reviewing the Glock G20 SF (small frame) 10MM that uses 15 round magazines in a comfortable grip. - This writer points-out that this is close to 3 times the capacity of a similar powered Magnum Revolver.

- You pays your money and makes your choice eh.

Further stories review the latest Ruger LCRs which have THREE INCH barrels (in 9mm & 38/357 etc). Only one more inch to go and we might be able to buy / import this model into New Zealand!

3 inch LCR - The 9MM version has a steel frame out of respect for this high pressure round.

Also introduced are new "black rifle" styled furniture for AKs from Magpul:

That looks good dressed-up.

- Magpuls  AK range includes steel re-enforced magazines. That makes buying a basic el-cheapo wooden AK and up-grading to "mans Barbie" fashion bling a worthwhile option. That cheek-piece lifts up to show storage space in the butt-stock.

- Life is good,

Marty K.