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Sunday, 1 July 2018

Industrial 8 Gauge Shotguns:

I know that I've said this before .. but you really can learn something new every day eh ..

- 1,400 years ago.. Imam Ali (599-661 CE) is noted as saying "Knowledge is Power" - and Mao Zedong said in 1927 "Power Grows out of the barrel of a gun.".
  - If that's right .. smart people won't choose to be ignorant, unarmed or powerless eh.😁

Thanks to TFB for introducing me to big 8 Gauge (Bore) 'Kiln Guns' .. (An 8 bore is a .835 inch (21.2 mm) caliber). Link:

- If you go to their website,  'Winchester Industrial Shotguns' - you will be informed like me about how these 8 Gauge 'Ringblaster' and "Western" industrial tools - & there are Remington 'Masterblaster' guns available too .. are used for breaking-up slag build-up inside furnaces, cement & lime kilns, - boilers, incinerators and silos etc.

These Are NOT Classed As Weapons .. They Are Industrial Tools.

 - Here's some colorful video taken shooting on-the-job inside a live furnace: Link:

- That's a very hostile environment in there - and the "distance" clearing of such build-ups without needing to shut-down the process must save a heap of costs.
Single Shot Kiln-Gun.

8 Gauge Winchester Industrial Cartridges

Here's a Remington Industrial 8 Gauge being fired on a shooting range:

Remington Industrial Kiln Gun.
 Muffled / Silenced - Not For Social Use.
I read that these tools are not sold but are supplied on contract in return for exclusive sales of a selection of zinc & lead buck and slug industrial cartridges.
Seven Shotguns Loaded For Industrial Action.

South African Image From Industrial Cartridge Pty.

 Do crematoriums get slag build-up? .. probably not. (In 1885, the first official cremation in the UK took place in Woking. - The deceased was Mrs Jeannette C. Pickersgill ). - Later in 1963Pope Paul VI lifted the catholic ban on cremation.

A human body (cadaver) usually contains a negative caloric value, meaning that energy is required to combust it. This is a result of the high water content - all water must be vaporized which requires a very large amount of thermal energy.
A 136 kg (300 lbs) body which contains 65% water will require 200 MJ of thermal energy before any combustion will take place. The time to carry out a cremation can vary from 70 minutes to 210 minutes.
- There has been interest - mainly in developing nations - to build a crematory heated by concentrated solar energy .. that might be a fun way to go eh.
Marty K.
Rod says:
Hi Marty

For many years I serviced the 8ga kiln gun at the Westport cement works.  It was a Winchester-Western single shot (the third one pictured in your blog) and I had to go there once a year and give it a full strip and clean, replace worn parts, etc and test fire it.  The action was an oversize version of the Martini system.  Prior to getting the proper kiln gun they used a 9.3mm mauser sporting rifle.  The works had three rotating kilns about 60 metres long and the clinker build-up would set like concrete.  The big solid lead 8ga slugs often took several shots to break up the big lumps.