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Monday, 9 July 2018

Men with Guns - Are Police Well Trained?:

I'm going to repeat myself here ...(well it IS my blog eh 😊)

"- 1,400 years ago.. Imam Ali (599-661 CE) said "Knowledge is Power" - and Mao Zedong said in 1927 "Power Grows out of the barrel of a gun.".

  - If that is right .. smart people won't choose to  be ignorantunarmed and powerless eh."

- However the GUN BANNERS are exempt from that limitation and may embrace those characteristics - while trusting to armed law enforcement to keep them safe (after the event).

.. Here are some stories from 'a land far away':

- "On arriving at the empty pistol club range I noticed a wooden container at the firing line containing six police revolvers - I phoned the police station from home."

"When the steward observed that the VIP Protection Police Officer was armed - he challenged the legality of this on a international passenger aircraft.. "Oh it's all right - it's unloaded see" drawing the Glock to demonstrate, pulled the trigger and fired a round through the aircraft's floor."

"- I was quietly practicing 'Olympic style' at 25m when two fully loaded police cars swung into the club range - calling stag roar MOOOOAAHs over their p.a. speaker systems."

"The Anti-Terrorist squad completed their late night exercise at Harewood Airport and debriefed in the departure lounge . Officer X removed the magazine from his rifle and fired the chambered high-velocity round into the carpet."

"Firearms Officer in Police Armoury .."Have you seen our new sniper rifles?" - pointing to a rack of scoped long-arms with magazines inserted .. I removed one loaded magazine and raised my eyebrows questioningly "Oh they have to be ready for instant use."

It being an International Requirement that Airport Police be armed at all times - the Senior Police administrator held that this was against his Christian beliefs. - He first required that the revolvers be disguised & strapped into square leather 'lunch boxes' - but then later permitted ankle holsters. - As Officer Y walked across the departure lounge a young boy ran after him calling "Mister .. is this yours?".

Chief Inspector "T****J " to Armorer quote - "NO WAY is my Police Force going to use plastic guns - we will NOT test them - Lock that sample gun in that cabinet until the trials are over".

- The TV1 crew was interviewing live a decades-long-service Armed Offender Squad Expert Sergeant beside his police car on his retirement day. When they asked about his gun - on camera - he opened the car's back door - reached in grasping the rifle by the muzzle and dragged it from the back seat straight towards himself.

"The Armed Offender's Squad carrying loaded H&K sub-machine guns unlawfully boarded the flight to Dunedin with the Minister of Police - who ordered the crew to take off."

The Endorsed Pistol Club shooter / Collector was held handcuffed face-down on his wet concrete drive while AOS searched his home (following a marriage break-up). After around half an hour their leader came out and asked "Where-the-f*** are your guns?" ... "F****ng locked in the safe where they have to be"...

Marty K.