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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Glock Rim-Fire - High Cap Mags.- (Or even in .32"?)

I own an Advantage Arms .22 conversion kit for my G 17 - it also fits & works OK on 'Cutter's' .40" S&W caliber Glock.

I have to tell you that this good looking conversion works very well when clean and lubricated and when using decent ammunition that suits the pistol. - I also need to say that when the gun is dirty and feeling neglected - and if it is being force-fed "El-Cheapo" brand long-rifle rounds - it will choke about every other pull of the trigger - just like some other .22" pistols I've owned.

I would guess that this level of performance would NOT be acceptable to Glock Ges engineers.

If Glock were ever to work on the development of a rim-fire firearm - their first decision might need to be - do we build a 'Practice gun' that would simulate shooting a G19 sized gun perhaps, - or do you develop a pistol that is built down-sized to match the small .22 Long Rifle cartridges compact dimensions? - or maybe why not explore both alternatives together.

- Could it be time for their Germanic engineers to be really brave and design a completely new pattern of 'Glock' that is totally reliable in all flavors of the .22 Long Rifle cartridge (and maybe the .32 ACP** too)? - Could be that it is time that someone designs a box magazine that works perfectly with more than ten rim-fire rounds - how about a twenty round double stack .22 R/F magazine for a pistol? - I know they'd be banned anywhere the place name begins with 'C'.. but the small rim-fire rounds might have been designed for a high capacity pack (except for those 'sticky-out' rims).

 - Kel-Tec seems to have warp-jumped forward successfully with the PMR-30 thirty round .22" WMR rimmed cartridges - by using a stub divider wall to keep the two rows of rimmed rounds apart in the magazine body below the feed lips. - However the .22 Magnum is around a third longer than the one inch .22 L/R round and it may be more stable.
Kel-Tec PMR-30 - A Successful THIRTY ROUND 
Double Stack Rim-Fire Magazine

Let's hear it for Kel-Tec.

- So it may be possible to do something similar for the shorter .22 rim-fire caliber.. indeed it is rumored that Kel-Tec are working on it.

- Another decision required is - do you opt for a fixed barrel blow-back design which is generally capable of good accuracy - or do you attempt to make a .22" function and look like a center-fire gun?
Ruger Mk.IV Fixed Barrel With Blow-back Bolt.
- Distinctively a "Two-Two"-With Quick'n'Easy Take-down.

Maybe 'Austrian Sporting Arms' has already answered the design issue with their ISSC M22 pistol (G19 sized) that provides a 'Nearly-a-Glock' in .22" R/F. These guns seem to function well when using high-velocity ammo and they use a fixed barrel with the recoil spring wound around the barrel.

Austrian Sporting Arms ISSC M22
 -Early Guns Were Near Enough to Get Sued By Glock.

ISSC build their current models with several deliberate changes to the Glockish looks - plus they come with manual safeties fitted. ISSC also chooses to build these pistols with an external hammer.

Gunblast has a positive review here:

- Now, if ISSC Handels GmbH were to make a double-stack high capacity 20 round .22 L/R rim-fire magazine - there is after-all plenty room enough in the average sized pistol grip.

Marty K.

**  Now there's a thought .. How about Glock considering a .32 GAMP ?   A new extended, strengthened case, maybe 7.65x22mm - high pressure versatile 32 caliber auto-pistol cartridge might prove to be a winning formula with a large-capacity magazine that might be both soft recoiling when wanted - and a full-power 'Magnum' cartridge when loaded for high velocity.

It could be a hand-loaders dream with so many 30 Caliber (.312"/.313") rifle bullets in use.

- Let's hear it for a 32 Glock Auto Magnum Pistol.