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Saturday, 29 October 2016

The Sporting Shooters Association NZ - and The Real Wool:

TV NZ says that 83% of New Zealanders want tougher gun laws.

Would you join the NRA if you lived in America?

New Zealand Shooters: Please Join SSANZ

Membership Enquiries:
09 436 4065

- If you can't bother to join an organisation (for only $20) that represents you - don't be surprised when new Laws cost you personally thousands of dollars to keep your guns.


Well I'm the first to admit that I'm getting older and tend to stick with the familiar - but I reckon that woolen clothing and blankets really are 'better' than plastic 'fleece'.. Baaah!

Cotton is definitely Cooling  - & Wool is Warming .. but polyethelene terepthalate??

- Testing seems to suggest that they are similar in insulation value - both when wet or dry - but I reckon our local winds seem to rip the heat away easier from 'fleece' than from the sheep's back-hair.

New Zealands winds are very lazy - They'll go straight through you rather than go around.

The synthetic stuff dries quicker than t'other so it may chill you more while drying - but the real swinger for me is that WOOL is naturally flame-retardant and won't burn you. - Woolen clothing will char, stink and go-out - But fleece 'sticks like sh*t to a blanket'  as it melts.

"Polar Fleece" is generally made from re-cycled soda bottles that are Polyethelene Terepthalate - an oil based polyester - a petroleum derivative. It makes static electricity (as does wool) and when laundered it generates micro-plastics into the waste water.

Re-cycling is good for sure (But glass soda bottles would be better) - but are you going to dress your kids in fleecy plastic rompers and blankets that might harm them?
Smelly Old WOOL SwannDri Bush Shirt
 - Strong Enough to Carry that Porker by Itself When Wet.

Yes I know that coarse wool can be scratchy - but 'Merino' wool is fine and soft.

New Zealand Merino Sheep Look Plenty Warm Despite The Snow.

Here in NZ - I buy socks and 'tops' made from merino wool blended with possum fur (a natural hollow fiber) - and it's so cosy on a frosty pistol range.

Fits Like a Glock In a Sock.

There may still be some black powder shooters who stamp-out their own wool felt wads to use between the powder and the ball.

Wool - You pays your money and makes your choices eh.

Marty K.