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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Jerry-Lee Lewis Was Armed On Stage:

Which wild man of Rock'n'Roll is this then?

"But underneath the chemicals was a plain streak of ornery, with bright flashes of outright crazy. He began to collect guns, nickel plated .357s and even machine guns, carried them with him in the touring cars, on private planes, and even took pocket guns onstage, a habit that would continue for years and years.

"I'd go on stage an, pull my pistol out, set it on the piano," he says. There were threats, and rumors of threats, and they still had to fight their way out of the best joints they played , - and he used that trick with the microphone stand again and again - from the Midwest to Atlanta.

He had learned to take the microphone off the stand and fling it out like a rock on the end of a rope - at a rude fan or a drunk, holding onto one end of the cord ..."

Jerry Lee Lewis in the 1960s . - Booze, Pills, Girls, Guns, & Rock and Roll!

"Hey Jerry Lee, Myra's (his thirteen year old third wife) in the next room." And I said "Well she'll have to wait her turn."
Myra - Jerry's 13 Year Old Wife
 - And Second Cousin

The words frenetic energy were written 100% for him - try listening to this live recording:

Jerry Lee With Two Of His Loves.

The book 'Jerry Lee Lewis. His Own Story' by Rick Bragg is full of the real stuff of Rock and Roll - written by an author I really rated already - for his books telling about his own childhood and family down in the Deep South, Louisiana and the Appalachians.

"Lost pills and empty casings mixed in the shag pile carpeting. He carried a pocket pistol pretty much all the time now - pearl handled automatics, dependable snub-nosed .38s and over-and-under .22 derringers.."

Talk about "politically incorrect"! - A different place and a different time.

Marty K.