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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Broad Arrow British Markings:

The British 'Broad Arrow' mark used to denote Crown or Defense Department property is perhaps an iteration of the Heraldic Pheon figure that is associated with Sir Phillip Sidney - who was the Joint Master of Ordnance 1585 - 1586 at The Office of Ordnance founded by Henry VIII in 1544.

Broad PHEON.

The Heraldic 'Pheon' is known in connection with the Sidney family of Penshurst from earlier times ... however this broad arrow mark may also be related to a similar "anchor" stamp that was used to mark Naval properties.

I recall seeing many military items marked with the 'Broad Arrow ..
but I can't really bring to mind handling any firearms so marked :

- but they are obviously around.

I'm just not very observant I guess (one of my many faults, - ask my "ex").

Marty K.