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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Sensory Overload:

I've not posted for a while as I've been overwhelmed by other activities .. Builder 'Hugh' spent five days knocking-out approximately one & a half tons of concrete chimney from my living room and substituting a new free-standing log burner for the old earthquake effected one... concrete rubble, grit and dust everywhere.
That'll warm the "Cockles-of Your-heart" Eh.

- Then I updated my wee Honda for one eight years younger - a process more stressful than taking-on a female eight years younger.

.. now I am having to learn how to cope with driving a "key-less entry with button-start" that can brake for me in traffic, a 'touch screen' "GPS navigation system" that also seems able to link-up to NASA while playing UK radio station LBC Radio (in NZ) and accepting mobile calls (the car) via a 'Blue Tooth' linkage to a (also new) "smart phone" that is about as smart(not) as some of my old fellow trade-union members at Air XX.

Hey Ho - I guess that I'll get used to it eventually - practice, practice eh.

I'll work on some shooting stuff shortly - provided the p.c. doesn't consume too much plaster dust and get constipated.

Lessons Learned: First I've found that I can learn new tricks if they are explained to me .. and second I've been reminded that my useful working day has reduced from 12 hours hard labor that I could laugh at when I was a 20 y.o. - to around 2 or 3 hours light work now before I feel the need for a 'granny-nap'.😊

Marty K.