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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Right-handed Guns & Swords To Blame For Driving Direction?:

News of yet another horrific head-on road accident caused by an overseas tourist has started me thinking again about this left-hand-drive versus right-hand-drive nonsense.

Some folk here are demanding a driving test for visitors from foreign lands .. supposedly to prove that they are "safe". - When driving in constant traffic this issue disappears - as you just need to follow the flow ... but the open road with no other cars around has tricked many otherwise fine drivers into rolling along on their home nation's preference until *CRASH*

There are various arguments about the historical reasons for the left-hand driving option - such as the right-handed norm human mounting his horse from the left so as not to poke the horse with the left hung blade.. and riding on using that same side of the road.

It further seems that the majority right-handers tend to be (some two thirds) right eye dominant so re-enforcing the wisdom of passing oncoming strangers with your best 'strong' hand and eye towards the perceived threat ..

There is also the matter of the coach guard riding shotgun seated beside the reign & whip man ..

Fine Red-Blooded Americans.

- It may be that that nasty American man - the first Henry Ford , - decided to give the finger to British and Europeans by directing his cars onto the other side of the road - The right side.

Considerable discussion on the rights'n'wrongs may be found here. Link:

Whatever! - The Point is that it is damn Stupid, Dangerous and Expensive, to have 65% of the worlds nations driving on the Right and 35% of us driving on the Left.

One might think that in this 21st century some august body like the United Nations could find this a practical issue ripe to be resolved readily - and all the delegate politicians could walk-away with satisfied smug grins on their smooth faces for a well deserved break on some corporate billionaire's luxury yacht.

 - Fixed.

An ugly but wise young fellow once impressed me (a stupid but good-looking lad) - by saying .. "Every practical problem has a practical solution - the only real problems in life are people."

- He became a millionaire.. Hi Roger,

Marty K.