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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Change of Telecoms Supplier NZ Style:

- How very refreshing for SPARK to send me a record of my recent conversation eh:

00:00:03 Spark : Question:Un-connect
00:02:14 Donna-marie : Hi there, how are you today?
00:02:46 Martin : very patient.
00:03:21 Donna-marie : yes thank you, we are having system issues which is causing delays currently, so how can help you today?
00:04:38 Martin : I waited 73 minutes on my landline before giving-up. - I want to cancel my mobile phone 027 4313812
00:05:24 Donna-marie : I am really sorry Martin, let me have a look for you, can I please get your full name and date of birth
00:06:04 Martin : Martin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
00:06:48 Donna-marie : Thank you, and can I please ask for your main reason for cancelling?
00:08:06 Martin : Because the mobile is DEAD and I dont use it & SPARK is completely USELESS and seems unable to run a booze-up in a brewery.
00:08:31 Donna-marie : Okay sure, let me do that for you right away, hold one moment please
00:10:04 Donna-marie : Okay so that has been done for you on order number 1-123083083119, have a lovely day, my email is
00:12:39 Martin : I will be surprised & gratified IF this instruction IS carried-out. NO other amendment yet has been correctly conducted.
00:13:33 Donna-marie : Okay sure, well you have my email if you need to email me, is there anything else I can help you with today Martin?
00:14:33 Martin : Thank you but I will be fine with VODAFONE.
00:14:58 Donna-marie : 😇
00:15:20 Martin : ;-) 

The Team at Spark

Marty K.