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Sunday, 27 August 2017

Hickok 45 Shooting Through Eclipses:

Hickok 45 and son John have released their take on "The Great American Eclipse Show". - It's a relaxed 'at home' episode recording the solar-lunar-eclipse as it interrupts their on range shooting and chatting:

- Worth watching while you have a coffee eh.. John makes one point about some movies ending-up unappealing because they attempt to appeal to everybody ... instead of setting out to be the best possible for a selected audience.

I would make a similar point about politics - where here in New Zealand, as in UK, for many years both the traditional 'Left-Wing' and 'Right-Wing' Parties have tried to moderate their basic conflicting principles ("principles" in politics?) by moving into the "Centre Ground" in order to follow marketing/ spin/ advertising/public-relations type advice - by trying to hide the facts and truth while smearing-over any bits that the discriminating would find objectionable.

Of course by going pastel colored with policy - they then also fail to please their traditional supporters as well as the opposing viewpoint holders.

We have a General Election in a months time - so co-incidentally  I have just been e-mailed by the Police that they are making progress with their preparations to address under-resourcing and to recruit & train an additional 220 officers for each of the next four years !

Marty K.