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Saturday, 5 August 2017

Nagant Alternative Revolver For 327 Federal Magnum?:

- I've been at it again - finding things to waste money oninvest in..


CLUE: - Well it's a revolver that's been threaded (half inch x 20) for a silencer .. No front sight either.

Here's another photographic clue ..

- So it's roughly the same overall size as my Ruger SP 101 six shot 327 Federal Magnum and the barrel bore is exactly the same size (for bullets measuring .312") diameter. - But it's cylinder does have seven chambers.

Of course you are right .. it is an M1895 NAGANT revolver - somewhat modified .. and I plan to likely further modify it, as it is not in original condition anyway.. "I used to be indecisive - but now I'm not sure".

My idea (- maybe?) is to parallel bore just a touch (say approximately .343"? diameter) each chamber to a depth of say 1.2 inches and then electroplate (Nickel or chrome) the chambers down (or back 'up' - depending on which way you think) - to the correct clearance fit for the thirty-two caliber brass.. IF I go ahead with this chamber caliber conversion I do believe that there needs to be a 'forcing-cone' cut at the start of the barrel bore too.

The original chambering for the 7.62x38mmR is a little sloppy for the wide range of  'lesser' straight walled 'thirty-two' cartridges - but many shooters have fired these rounds in original Nagants without any recorded disasters.

This altered Nagant was made in Tula in 1934 having the date and an arrow within a star mark.

- So that's my plan .. it seems that 'hard chrome' plating can be applied up to .005" thick and that nickel plate may be even easier to have done?

I don't plan to fire any full power 327 magnum ammo through it. You can frequently read warnings to not use powerful ammo in Nagants due to their age - but I don't see any similar and equally valid warnings about older 1911 pistols in .45" ACP.

Ahhh - here's a thing. - Hands up all of you who have read that the 327 Federal Magnum was so named as to sound much like the 357 Magnum ?

Well I read that anyway .. and it's taken me a year or two for a light to flicker in my Anglo-Irish skull - Why didn't they call it the 337 Magnum - as 337 is actually the measurement of the 32" caliber's brass case: I don't see 327 anywhere .. but I guess it's too late now anyway.

"337" would have had a closer matching relationship to the round than 327 does.

Marty K.
Supposedly Joseph Stalin's Own Nagant Revolver.