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Thursday, 14 September 2017

A SUPER-MAGNUM - 327 Federal Magnum:

I'm making sure that YOU have heard about the 327 Federal Magnum.

Me personally - "Moi" - I am fully sold on this super-magnum cartridge .. and would hate to think that there's anyone out there that remains unaware of what this neat caliber can do for you.

When I handed my SP101 Ruger Revolver to the NZ Police firearms employee during a recent 'Home Security Check' - saying "this is my new 327 Federal Magnum" ...  He expertly stated - "There is no such thing."
357" Magnum Compared to 327 Fed. Magnum.

- I pointed to the barrel markings before quietly explaining.

That the '327' is a SAAMI high pressure rimmed round that is the latest development in 'thirty-twos'.

The very original S&W 32s of 1860 were black-powder rim-fires in various lengths and strengths - but the first center-fire S&W 32" cartridge was the (now so called)"Short" in 1871 with a case length of .61 inch ... then S&W introduced the "Long" in 1896 (case length .920"). Next in 1984 Harrington & Richardson worked with Federal to introduce the again extended thirty-two they called the 32 H&R Magnum with a 1.075 inch case length.

The semi-rimless John Browning designed 32 ACP (Automatic Colt Cartridge) was introduced first by F.N. in 1899 and uses the same sized bullets - and is also known as 7.65×17mmSR Browning.

'Thirty-twos' have been used extensively where low weight and controllable accurate performance is valued. The .32 calibers are compact and light. While some believe it has marginal stopping power*- it has been used effectively by military and police worldwide over the past hundred & fifty years.

.32 ACP

*  "Stopping Power" is a widely discussed concept - factually more dependent on accuracy than other factors.
- These guys kept up-grading the .32 because it was a bloody good & accurate cartridge that did the job - but was sometimes considered "under powered" when held alongside the big bores and their magnum versions. 

- In 2007 Ruger got together again with Federal to once more hot-up the thirty-two by strengthening it's brass case and further lengthening it to 1.20 inches. The 327 Federal Magnum comes with a SAAMI pressure rating of 45,000 p.s.i. - So it is a magnumized magnum cartridge.

Don't take a Kiwis word for it .. Check-out Jeff Quinn at

- and again .. Link:

327 Revolver shooters have a choice of five different factory loaded cartridges.

Top 327 loadings are in the .357 Magnum power zone with less recoil and blast.

The slightly smaller size means that you get six rounds instead of five .. or seven instead of six.

The long strong 327 case makes it ideal for custom loads - Duplex, Triplex, "buck'n'ball"

- and now, at last, - the first US maker - Henry has produced a lever action rifle for the 327.
.32 ACP, .32 S&W "Short", .32 S&W Long,  .32 H&R Magnum, 327 Fed. Magnum.

One very popular 'old-time' cartridge is the 32-20 or .32" WCF. Loaded for both revolvers and rifle .. this useful round takes the same .312" dia. bullet & has shot many a deer since it's beginnings in 1882. Originally a black-powder round - the 32-20 runs a SAAMI maximum pressure of only 16,000 p.s.i compared to the 327's 45,000 p.s,i.
32-20 (32"WCF), -  327 Fed. Magnum, -  32" H&R Magnum.

The 327 Fed. Magnum effectively renders those older rounds obsolete.

Try reading John Taffin's story on Bowen Classic Arms .327 Federal Magnum Custom Sixguns. Link:

The best thing since sliced bread .. Or as John T says - "The Best Thing since the 44 Magnum".

.. But one problem for a 'new caliber' is that there is already a cartridge sized to meet just about every need out there - except for the minor point that they all are damn loud .. and their unprotected use will permanently stuff your ears with mushy bananas and permanent whining sounds (Tinnitus).

 - Now if only someone could invent a non-toxic & silent cartridge system eh.

 Life is good,

Marty K.