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Sunday, 3 September 2017

"Double-Taps" v Duplex Loads v Volley-Gun?

I was very pleased to find that the new Gen 5 Glock 19 has the chamfered  "rounded nose" treatment that I'd liked on an earlier .40" caliber gun:

I missed that change on first view .. which says heaps about my powers of observation eh! - I might have made a half-decent copper (except for my glasses) .. but would definitely have been a crap 'D'.

That cosmetic change and better trigger pull might persuade me to buy a Gen 5 when they arrive down here in the "roaring forties".

Anyway ...

Meanwhile .. I just spotted the weird Standard Manufacturing S333 in the  2018 Gun Digest  ..

- What is not obvious from the pictures is that this oddball is a THREE-SHOT   handgun.

- This volley gun fires two of it's .25 ACP rounds for each trigger pull.. it's not a revolving "pepperpot" but has rotary twin firing-pins.

Like the Arsenal Double 1911 - it delivers two rounds on target simultaneously - BUT it's a lot cheaper - at a suggested retail price of US$300 .

Their Standard Manufacturing website is awful and next to useless .. but they do claim that other chamberings than .25" ACP will follow.

Now I am 'world-famous-in-New Zealand' for my terrible taste in guns ... I love my shorty 12 gauge side-by-side and the consensus vote is that the butt-stock on my 9 mm JRC carbine is b-ugly - But I love it - and the Standard Volley Gun 😍 
JRC Also 'weird'?

No taste - no brains ... maybe - but delivering two shots into a proper target doubles the impact surface area and should produce the needed result as long as a decent caliber at a decent velocity is used.

- As for me shooting rapid 'double-taps' from any of my handguns (past or present) in the expectation of the legendary "snake-eyes" .. No Way - my fast second rounds just fly wildly & randomly around the backing boards .. if I'm lucky.

 I need aimed fire.

And likely it won't affect the result whether the pills come from two barrels simultaneously or from one duplex loaded cartridge eh.
My Deconstructed DUPLEX LOAD for .327 Federal Magnum -Ball & Bullet

That's that then,

Marty K.