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Monday, 4 December 2017

Korean Peninsular Nuclear Weapons:

Is there any history of Nuclear Weapons in Korea?

B-29 bombers were based in Okinawa with nine nuclear bombs under command of  General Mathew Ridgway, Commander of US Forces on the Korean Peninsular during the three year Korean War 1950 - 1953 ..

The First Nukes were deployed in "South Korea" in 1958.

M442 8 inch howitzer shell fitted with 12 kiloton W33 warheads having an eleven mile range.

Honest John tactical artillery rocket , W7  10 kiloton warhead or 60 kiloton W31 warhead having a range of up to 15.7 miles..

20 kiloton yield SADM & MADM Atomic Demolition Mines - back-pack portable.
MK-54 SADM Back Pack

Matadore Cruise Missiles (x16)  - 60 kiloton with 620 mile range.

Nike Hercules missile with W7 and W31 warheads of 2, 20, & 40 kiloton power.

Mace & Sergeant (200 kiloton) Missiles at seventyfive miles range ..

 M28 / M29 Davy Crockett tactical nuclear recoilless rifle with ten to twenty kiloton yield 

M454 155mm nuclear artillery shell with the W48 warhead (sub kiloton yield).

 Air Force F-4D Phantom II fighters carrying B43, B57 & B61 nuclear bombs stored at three South Korean bases.

Most of these above had been withdrawn by 1991 - but under the current tension between the respective "supreme leaders" - who could guess what is being deployed into the area? - And we certainly don't want Kim Jong un to introduce nuclear weapons to the Korean peninsular .. do we?

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Marty K.