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Monday, 4 December 2017

NAA Ranger II - NEW Top-Break .22 Magnum Revolver:

Now here's an intriguing new revolver release .. in US gun shops in time for Xmas.

The North American Arms Ranger 2 is a neat wee "Top-Break' revolver with a 1.625" barrel in .22"WMR but there will be extra .22" Rim-Fire cylinders for around US$75.00.

NAA Ranger II

NAA's web site says that there will be a FOUR INCH BARREL version made for the California market - so that might be good news for the possibility of exports to NZ.

The 'break-open'  design goes way-back into time and is a very logical and convenient system to use. It seemed to go out of fashion when hotter larger cartridges developed and these more powerful rounds tested the designs hinge & latch strength beyond the early guns metal strength .. but I've always felt that issue shouldn't be an issue 😇 when using the current metallurgy and better design features.
Smith & Wesson Model 1 'TIP-UP' Break Action Revolver Dates From 1857:

The Russian Izhevsk Mechanical Plant seemed to reckon that it would work when they designed a .357 Magnum break-action - The MP-412 REX - but it never went into production as the US imposed an import ban on Russian product.

Russian Izhmech MP-412 REX .357 Magnum 'Break-Action' - Never Got Off The Blocks.

The five shot Ranger 2 may well be a *HIT* with 'merican' shooters,

Marty K.