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Thursday, 28 December 2017

New Ruger 'P C' 9 mm Carbine:

Remember those handy "CAMP CARBINES" from Marlin, Ruger -  Hi-Point & Just Right, - well good old Ruger have jumped into the yawning gap with a new well-priced tool for our delectation .. The PC-9 Carbine.

It has a 'Ghost Ring" rear sight, all the Picatinny rails you could want, takes down with a flick of the wrist .. AND it comes with a second magazine well to change it's feed-stock over to Glock 9 mm magazines ... now that is great & sensible thinking by Ruger !

Furthermore - it is swappable to left handed function and it's very accurate - plus it should be selling by the millions for around US $500. - What more could you want for an 'all-round, working gun'?
Check out what Jeff QuinnGunblast has to show you. Link:

So OK that barrel assembly doesn't shove up it's own adjustable length butt (- like an AR7) - but this new carbine is real handy and comes threaded for a silencer.

- It's almost a pity that I'm so well served by my 9mm 'JustRight' carbine already - as I don't need another.
'JustRight' for me.

Sure .. I do like Rugers .. I wonder why?

- Here's a LINK to an earlier piece about my 9mm "De Lisle" bolt-action and buying my 'JustRight' 9mm carbine .. plus Nick's new Norinco 1911 & Ruger Carbine.

Marty K.