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Thursday, 7 December 2017

Ruger LCR Design (& A Meaty Question):

One of the most frustrating regulations invented by our New Zealand Police is the minimum barrel length requirement for handguns - that they set at four inches.

I'd love to try one of Ruger's LCR or LCRx revolvers (or both) - particularly a six shot in 327 Fed Magnum - but the available barrel lengths are rated here as too short for a 'B Category' firearm.
A .38 Ruger LCRx
Ruger's Lightweight Compact Revolver is "groundbreaking" in it's use of plastics in the grip & trigger housing - BUT the constant force trigger pull that incorporates a low-friction cam into the fire control system is a true advance in ease of function.
LCR Trigger & Fire Control Group.

- Advanced materials used are glass fiber filled polymer, - stainless steel, & a 'synergistic hard-coated 7000 series aluminum forging'.

Kiwis have to get used to looking at pictures of Ruger's LCR - as there won't be (m)any coming through our Border Protection..

It seems that although we Kiwi endorsed pistol shooters are examined & certified - not once but TWICE - as being Fit & Proper to own and safely shoot guns of many types - we may not to be trusted with any barrel shorter than four inches in case we want to do ... what?

- Meanwhile the "nutters" can hack-saw their barrels to what ever length spins their wheels or 'tickles their Pickles".

What does the shorter barrel length have to do with anything - other than being louder and slower shooting?
... how about I swear to go vegetarian or vegan - can I shoot a snubby then?

Perhaps there is a link between eating meat and guns. - I don't mean the obvious one that if you want to eat organic non-genetically altered wild food animals not injected with growth hormones & antibiotics - you have to own a gun & get out into the fresh air to hunt for yourself .. Mmmm - rabbit & mushroom pie with mixed herbs & flaky pastry - yum.

No .. what I'm referring to is that some of the countries with the highest recorded gun crime figures seem also to have the highest levels of meat eating.

Don't laugh - there might be something in my theory eh.

It seems that US residents swallow 120.2 kilos of chicken-fried steak, burgers & hot-dogs each every year, - while UK's inmates chew through 84.2 kilos of meat in their industrial TV dinners.
Must Be Something In The Additives ..
(Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE)?)

- Contrast that tonnage of dead animal carcass consumed by 'westerners' with the folk in Bangladesh and India who get by on 4 kg and 4.4 kg a year each while quietly doing their yoga.

- soon be Christmas eh - all that reindeer, ham and turkey with gravy, yeah, - New Zealand is ranked up there at seventh for meat consumption worldwide - at around 106 kg. per head.
LCR Would Be Fun To Shoot.

The LCR is a credit to Chief Revolver Engineer Joseph Zajk, who designed it - My only 'contra' is that I dream that they might go one further giant step and one day build a revolver firing from the bottom chamber.

The Ruger LCR & LCRx are the total opposite of a "TOP-SHELF GUN". They are affordable and shootable - small & light to carry and keep - comfortable grips - in practical calibers with acclaimed good triggers. I have a mate I've known around 30 years ... he is the proud owner of a S&W 44 Magnum revolver with the original wooden grips - in that time I reckon he's had it out on the range at least once .. but I've never seen him shooting it.
 (Shot Once & Then Left On A Top Shelf)
Hand-Stingingly Good D.I.Y Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Kit.

Marty K.