Thursday 10 July 2014


I think that the concept of "silent" ammunition needs to be investigated and further developed.

Such a round might readily be developed - perhaps in 44 Magnum calibre - to effectively eliminate noise pollution at indoor firing ranges and anywhere else. The technology is already known and mass production machinery should be able to produce such ammunition for less than twice the price of conventional loads.

Russian SP4 (7.62x41mm) Captive Gas-Seal Piston
The SP4 round uses a 155gn mild steel projectile with a muzzle velocity of  650 feet per second. the forward end of the projectile is a brass driving band that engages with barrel rifling. The base of the slug has a conical dimple that centres it on a pip in the middle of the driving piston and stabilises both components as they leap forward on firing.
The steel alloy cartridge case is copper-zinc plated and the fired cases with the sealed-in gasses are know to remain under pressure for several weeks.
SP4 Round with 9mm NATO.
This containment of the propellant gases achieves three benefits - there is no muzzles flash, there is no unburnt powder driven forward to the ground surface, and of-course the round is quiet at around 122dB - similar to an air-rifle or silenced .22" R/F.
Marty K

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