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Thursday, 28 May 2015

'MSSA' BANKS - Police Investigation 'Robust':

A report by the Independent Police Conduct Authority found that the Police investigation into Ex Police Minister John Banks was "thorough and robust".

The Police had decided NOT to prosecute 'The Honourable' John Banks over allegations that he had falsely declared two $25,000 "donations" from Kim Dotcom as anonymous. - Banks was found guilty (but later successfully appealed) - when a private prosecution was pursued and then adopted by the Court system.

Sir David Carruthers - Chair of the IPCA said " The report has found that the investigation held by the police was comprehensive and thorough".

The Authority is satisfied, from its enquiry and interviews, that there was no interference or pressure on the investigation team from the Police Executive or politically."

Marty K.

P.S. - I once complained to IPCA that police policy regarding Import Permits for handguns was in conflict with Firearms Law and Regulations and the Commerce Act.  The IPCA replied, in due time, - that the police Import Permit procedure was in line with police policy.