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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Cap'N'Ball Ruger "Charcoal Burners":

Todays quiz - Your 'Starter' for 5 Points: What is missing from this picture?:

- And the answer - is, what did a courier driver deliver three days ago, what is made of stainless steel - what was grubby and neglected, but has responded well to cleaning and oiling?

As it came from the North Island auction - I was rather scared by the look of the bore when I held the gun up to the light - as it was very sooty and rough - looking much like The Homer Tunnel on the Milford Road down South - Scenic New Zealand!

Homer Road Tunnel.

My very own Ruger Old Army .44".
But my heart lifted after some scrubbing with hot soapy water (the gun that is!) followed by Hoppes No.9 bore cleaner and a couple of patches - as the tube was now bright and shiny - indeed it seems to be in better internal condition than the exterior - which had some obvious surface scratching and pitting.
The beauty of stainless-steel guns is that they can be carefully re-finished by delicate use of fine grade abrasive (emery) paper. - I've been working with this ROA for three days now and it's looking better.
Well it is pre-owned and has seen some use - but I put-in a "postal" bid (via e-mail) and have now got something else to waste time & money on - Ooops I mean I have expanded my target shooting hobby into a new-for-me area of muzzle-loading black-powder ballistics.
Thanks (or blame) go to JBTFL who arrived on range a couple of months back with his new .36" Cal. Uberti 1851 Navy Model.
One thing leads to another - so I'm planning on making some combustible paper cartridges using .457" lead balls and trying my 'bush carpenter' skills to build a loading-stand for the revolver.
- Should keep me out of mischief for some time eh.
Marty K.
P.S. Here's a better picture of the Homer Road tunnel in winter: