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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Silenced Heavyweight 9mm = .38"Special:

I again ran some more of my 158gn copper-plated loads through the Just Right Carbine and my Glock 17 last weekend and continue to be 'well pleased' with how very quiet they are when pushed-out of the silenced carbine - truly they DO sound very like an air rifle.

Just Right Carbine - with New York Legal Stock & Magazine - Plus Silencer.
"Cutters" commented that the guns quietness was being enhanced by this lower velocity - some 300ft/sec. below the speed of sound (1,127ft/s).
 - This load of-course also works fine through the Glock 17 pistol.
Load Details - For Information Only: 
I am loading copper-plated 158 grain flat-nose .358" bullets after re-sizing them through a .356" dia. Lee die.
The ADI Sporting Powders AP70N smokeless Pistol Powder is volume metered through a Lee #32 disc cavity and weighs approx. 3.1grains and when fired from the carbine are giving a sub-sonic velocity of 820 - 830 feet per second.
That 825 ft/sec average velocity with a 158gn pill looks very much comparable to .38" Special performance.
- With my head down on the buffer tube all I hear is the "spong" of the action spring - followed by the "ting" down-range from the steel target.
158gn Subsonic 9mm Reloads - Nice Yogurt and Tomatoes eh.
Comment: Currently I feel that while this load is working fine - I do think that I will in future use a more 'standard' load with 9mm 147gn bullets. - This would eliminate the resizing operation and help further reduce internal pressures.
Marty K.