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Friday, 8 May 2015

Tavor .223"(5.56x45 NATO) & Aimpoint Sight Video:

- I don't know of any IWI  Tavor Bullpups in New Zealand yet - so I am limited to seeing what I can find on-line. - So far everything I've seen and read points to it being my next 'wish-list machine'.

- At US$2,000. odd over there in the USA - I'd expect them to arrive here in NZ eventually costing NZ$4,000 plus - So if I want to get serious I'll have to start saving my pennies now.

Meanwhile, check-out this video:

They give the Tavor a decent work-out with a range of different ammunition and magazines.

Just talking 'off the top of my head' - I'd say that the NZDF might well be advised to consider these Israeli designed arms in their search to 'upgrade' from the Steyr AUG. - but there is talk that an AR15 clone will likely be the choice.

The one single feature that I see as a problem with  bull-pups is the location of the ejection port for lefties. - maybe there might be a compromise answer - I know that they are convertible right-to left but how about a thicker butt pad option to shift the port forward a bit? - maybe there is.

On a quick look - The Tavor seems to be slightly shorter and lighter than the Steyr AUG.

Marty K.