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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

NZ Hunting Deaths - 'Review' Announced:

It is the 'Duck Shooting Season' here.

Last weekend there were TWO tragic 'accidental' shootings that resulted in the deaths of two young New Zealand men. - One was a fifteen year old youth, who died while climbing a wire fence with his gun.

 - These men should have been part of the future of sporting gun use here for many years.

- Instead their families will need to cope with the sad loss of life - and the Government Associate Conservation Minister Peter Dunne has announced he will review "unsafe and illegal gun use."

A Green Party spokesperson says they doubt that this is an effective way to deal with this matter - while an ACT Party spokesman thought that it might be useful.

I feel that New Zealanders definitely need to take a more serious approach to ALL forms of accident prevention and personal safety - and if these recent tragic deaths can result in improvements in our accident rates - that will be a small blessing.

- But my guess is that this review will be yet another excuse for publicity seekers to call for more "Gun Bans".

Marty K.