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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

American Medical Association Expresses 'GUN' Concerns:

"With approximately 30,000 men, women and children dying each year at the barrel of a gun in elementary schools, movie theatres, workplaces, houses of worship and on live television, the United States faces a public health crisis of gun violence," AMA President Dr. Steven Stack said in a statement following the terrible Orlando night-club shooting deaths.

Now I don't intend to belittle his serious concerns about the US trend of violent nutters committing atrocities - indeed I share the same horror, concern and disgust that anyone feels able to be so hateful and uncaring as these murderers.

- However, if my 'facts' are accurate - I understand that 71% of those quoted "30,000 gun deaths" .. 21,300 are in fact officially recorded as suicides and it would be unreasonable to blame the deaths of those despairing souls on a lack of Federal gun regulation.

I feel that the high level (but reducing) gun violence in USA is in part the result of hugely complex factors including poor care of the mentally ill and destitute - neglect of social care for the poor, - a widening gap between the wealthy 'haves' and the increasing 'have-nots' - poor educational standards of many, - and wilful ignorance.

Sociopaths are identified as individuals who act with no empathy for others - seeing everyone else as a resource to be harvested for their own benefit. They have no regard for moral standards.

Perhaps sociopaths justify their actions by thinking they are doing only what their nations leaders do.

Corporate Business is a legal artifice constructed to act exactly like a sociopath. Every 'Big Business' has as its sole aim to harvest or exploit as large a 'market' as it can generate and extract as much profit for its owners as it can without permanently destroying its source of income - and each corporate entity seeks to employ expert 'consultants' to eliminate all its obligation to contribute taxes that might fund social needs like Education, Health, Pensions, Defence, & Law Enforcement.

More gun regulation? - maybe, - but that won't fix all the other factors.

Marty K.